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Our landscape maintenance program is… just that – maintenance. We maintain the life that is growing on your property outside your front and back doors.  We take care of the plants by pruning as necessary, we cut the grass at the appropriate height, we weed eat, edge, blow, and spray round-up on plants you don’t like.

Here are some ways we are different from the many options you have in choosing a landscape maintenance company:

  • We come the same day every week, with the same crew.
  • Park trucks on the street if possible and stay out of your way.
  • Respond to emails and phone calls quickly.
  • Easy to work with. For example, you may have company coming in town, a party,  or your kids are napping – we are willing to work around these issues.
  • Quick action if we see a problem. For example, if the irrigation is leaking or there is a broken head you are not aware of, we will let you know. If we notice shrubs dying, or problems with the turf we will bring it to your attention and make suggestions to fix it.
  • We close the gate to keep pets safe and in the yard.

Our guarantee – if you are not happy with anything we do , we will fix it, if you are still not happy, we will pay the person of your choice to fix it.

We want to do everything possible to make your experience with Southern Landscapes a positive one. Call today 770-312-0556.

Our maintenance prices start at $200 per month and are under a year round agreement. Please call for a quote.

Thank you

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