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Irrigation & Drainage


It is important that your irrigation system is functioning properly no matter what time of year it is.

If you have any questions on how your system is running, we can help with that.

We can work on all irrigation systems and are equipped to solve irrigation problems

  • Repair leaks and replace heads
  • Install new systems, add a zone to existing systems.
  • Update systems to the newest technology in irrigation.
  • Drip irrigation – great for vegetable gardens and raised beds.

Rate: $100 for the first hour and $70 per hour after that (plus parts)

We work on all brands of irrigation!

Call 770-312-0556 or email for an appointment.


 Surface drainage assists with the regulated removal of surface runoff on account of the irrigation or precipitation. If the overflow is not dealt with in time, it may have an adverse impact on the land and surrounding structures. An effective surface drainage system is the only way to cope with heavy volumes of surface water after a heavy rain.

We can assess your property and provide you with a plan to install a system to effectively deal with any of your drainage issues.