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We make sure to provide the best possible work for our clients in everything we do. Read below to see some of the services we can provide to your lawn and landscape.

Landscape Design

Every landscape you see starts with a design. It’s important to balance several factors when designing a landscape. There is an art to forming features and bringing the best out of your property. At Southern Landscape, we work to craft a design that will leave you in love with the look of your landscape. Make sure that the design of your landscape speaks to you.

Professional Landscape Design Company in Atlanta, GA

Landscape Installation

Professional Landscape Installation Company in Atlanta, GA

After designing a landscape, installation is the step that brings it to life. Not only do we design landscapes, but we also professionally install them. We plant flowers, trees, and shrubs for your greenery to thrive as well as use stone to build steps, garden walls, or landings. Whatever you need, Southern Landscape is here to install your perfect landscape so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawns require upkeep to keep them healthy and beautiful. Grass requires not just regular mowing, but also edging, pruning, trimming, and weed control. A full lawn maintenance system can help your whole property. We provide top-quality care with every routine visit. Make sure that your lawn is well cared for by letting us handle the maintenance.

Professional Lawn Maintenance Company in Atlanta, GA

Irrigation & Sprinklers

Professional Sprinkler and Irrigation Company in Atlanta, GA

When it comes to the things that your lawn needs to stay green and healthy, water is at the top of the list. We both install sprinkler systems and repair your existing ones to keep your yard looking its best. Out of all the options for drainage systems, we will install the best solutions for your lawn. Make sure that your irrigation systems are always ready to get water flowing: have them installed or repaired by Southern Landscape.

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